Sales policy

1 - Welcome to Hotel 10!

Hotel 10 offers an excellent choice of standardized accommodation at strategic points: close to road junctions, industrial districts, universities, ports and airports. It is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers, as it allows up to four people per apartment, with a choice of two full beds. Welcome to Hotel 10, the best choice in budget hotels in Brazil.

2 - Complementary services

Hotel 10 offers its guests complementary:

  • Breakfast (served daily from 06:30 a.m. to 09:30 a.m.);
  • Parking with night surveillance;
  • Wi-Fi throughout the hotel;
  • Local calls to landlines.
3 - Convenience

Our convenience store is available 24 hours a day with cold drinks, snacks, chocolates, treats, personal hygiene kits and other facilities. Just purchase the products from the front desk staff. Payment for the products must be made upon purchase.

4 - Laundry room

Hotel 10 has a self-service laundry room (except in the Blumenau and Palmas units). In it, the guest can wash and iron their clothes (using your own detergent/fabric softener etc.). For the use of external laundry, please refer to deadlines and amounts at the hotel reception.

5 - Apartment capacity

All Hotel 10 apartments have one or two full beds and no extra beds are allowed. Maximum capacity of people per apartment, including children and babies, is four in the double room (including cot, when available) and two in the single room (including cot, when available).

5.1 – Children stay for free

Hotel 10 offers complimentary accommodation for up to one child under 5 years and 11 months accompanied by at least one paying adult per apartment. Hotel 10 has cribs and bathtubs for children. Check availability at reception.

6 - People with disabilities

Hotel 10 has apartments for people with disabilities. It is necessary to consult the availability of the adapted apartment before reservation, as it may be in use by another guest.

7 - Accommodation of minors (up to 18 years)

The Child and Adolescent Statue (Law 8.069 of July,13th 1990) defines as a crime, the accommodation of a child or adolescent in a hotel, motel, inn, lodge or similar establishment, unless accompanied by parents or guardians. To prove this, an identity document or birth certificate must be presented.

For unaccompanied minors from parents, written permission from parents with a notarized signature is required upon check-in. Please note that regardless of whether or not the minor is accompanied by a guardian, it is essential to present the child’s or adolescent’s ID at check-in.

If the requested documents are not presented, the accommodation will not be allowed and no-show will be charged for the 1st night.

8 - Pet friendly accommodation

At Hotel 10, we understand how important your pet is to you. That is why we offer the opportunity of accompanied accommodation. See the rules for having your pet by your side while staying at the hotel:

  • Pets are allowed in the ground floor apartments and at the sides of the building, preventing noise from disturbing the tranquility and comfort of other guests;
  • We accept one pet per apartment, provided it is small (up to 7 kilos, maximum height 20 cm and length 30 cm) and trained.
  • The hotel also has an outdoor kennel, especially for larger pets;
  • Upon check-in formalization, it is requested to fill out the Extra Animal Registration Form (Fera), which is attached to the Guest Form;
  • In the common areas of the hotel, pets must be carried;
  • The pet is no allowed to be left in the apartment or vehicle alone;
  • The pet owner is responsible for cleaning any mess on the hotel’s internal and external premises, as well as paying for any damages caused;
  • Pet accommodation costs an additional 25% on the rate of a single room. This fee does not include food, bedding or any kind of pet accessory.
  • Always check room and kennel availability before reserving.
9 - Additional charge - Hotel 10 is 100% non-smoking

Law 12.546 of 2011 prohibits smoking indoors. We have an outdoor area for smokers and are also committed to ensuring an odor-free environment. If cigarettes can be smelled during the cleaning service, we will charge you BRL 250,00, intended for intensive cleaning and blocking off the apartment for a day.

Guests are responsible for the conservation, care and good use of the apartments. In case of excessive dirt or any other type of odor, a fee of BRL 250.00 is also charged.

10 - Payment methods

With speed and comfort for our guests in mind, Hotel 10 does not have check-out. To make this possible, room rates are charged in advance upon check-in, including convenience items, laundry room usage and miscellaneous items. We accept credit and debit cards. Billing can be authorized for businesses with demand after credit and document analysis. Please contact us before making the reservation. We do not accept checks.

11 - Reservation guarantee

11.1 – Reservation with a guarantee for no-show

Guaranteed no-show reservations may be canceled up to 24 hours prior to check-in date. After this deadline, one night is charged and the amount cannot be reversed in credit for future stays. In the case of a non-refundable reservation, the advance charge and the full amount of the period are maintained. Guaranteed no-show reservation is active in the system until 11 a.m. the day after the guest’s check-in date.

11.2 – Reservation without a guarantee for no-show

Reservations without a no-show guarantee are automatically canceled at 6 p.m. on the guest’s check-in day to make sure the apartment is available for another customer.

12 - Reservation cancellation or forfeit

12.1 – Refundable reservation

The customer makes the purchase and can cancel 24 hours in advance of the check-in date. A pre-authorization (credit card amount block) is made for the amount of the first night. You will be charged at check-in.

12.2 – Non-Refundable reservation

During seasonal periods to major events, the charge is made at the time of purchase and the total amount of the reservation will be charged. This reservation cannot be changed, canceled or refunded.

12.3 – Cancelling a reservation

Cancellation must be formalized by e-mail. Cancellation by phone or instant messaging device is not accepted.

13 - Early check-out

13.1 – No justified reason

The remaining amount of the accommodation is charged and there is no refund for the paid nights.

13.2 – Cancellation on customer card

Cancellation is requested directly from the card carrier. The refund of the amount is granted to the customer upon confirmation of receipt from the hotel account. After the cancellation process has been made with the carrier, the amount is credited to the guest upon closing the invoice, according to the deadline agreement with each card carrier.

13.3 – Amount reimbursed through the bank

A 10% administrative fee is charged on the remaining balance of the accommodation and returned through the bank. The deadline for bank deposits is 10 business days after signing the Cancellation Request form.

14 - Reservations through Hotel 10

To make a reservation through the Hotel 10 website, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired Hotel 10-unit, arrival and departure dates and the number of rooms and guests;
  2. Select the desired room and check the reservation details, total price, terms and conditions of sale applicable;
  3. Fill in customer details and enter credit card details for advance payment. We accept the following card companies today: Visa, Mastercard, Elo and Amex.
  4. Consult the sale terms and conditions and the selected rates;
  5. Confirm the reservation.
15 - Privacy policy

Hotel 10 is committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout the entire site browsing and purchasing process. Customer registration details are not sold, exchanged, or disclosed to third parties, except when this information is required for the delivery, billing, or to participate in deals requested by customers.

Hotel 10 uses cookies and navigation information to draw a certain profile of visitors to the site, to improve the services, products, content and to guarantee the best offers and deals for you. Throughout this process, we keep your information under absolute secrecy. To keep this data intact, we strongly advise against disclosing your password to third parties, even friends and relatives.

16 - Check-in

Check-in can be made starting at 12 p.m. Due to the requirements of Decree 6.022 of January 22nd, 2007, to check in, all guests must properly fill in the Ficha Nacional de Registro de Hóspede (FNRH) [National guest registration form]. Essential information for this form includes: full name, CPF or passport in case of foreigners, ID, full address, telephone with DDD [area code] and e-mail.

17 - Early check-in

At Hotel 10, you have the ability to access your reservation prior to normal check-in time, subject to the following conditions:

  • Between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. – no additional charge upon availability;
  • Between 08 a.m. and 11 a.m.- 50% of the current daily rate is charged;
  • Before 08 a.m. – the full daily rate is charged.
18 - Check-out

Checkout is automatic. Magnetic cards are scheduled to deactivate at 11 a.m. To extend your stay, check availability and rate with reception.

19 - Late check-out

At Hotel 10, you may choose to leave your room after normal check-out time, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. – no additional charge upon availability;
  2. Between 12 a.m. and 03 p.m.- 50% of the current daily rate is charged;
  3. After 03 p.m. – the full daily rate is charged
20 - Internal behavior

  • Smoking is not allowed in the hotel’s common rooms and facilities, as per Law 16.239 of September 29th, 2009;
  • Ironing is not allowed in the apartment. The hotel offers appropriate ground floor space open to guests for ironing, washing and drying clothes (except in the Blumenau and Palmas units);
  • It is forbidden to put nails or any material that sticks, on the walls;
  • It is forbidden to remove towels from the apartments for external use;
  • The guest who, due to lack of care and misuse, causes damage to equipment, facilities, furnishings or other items should reimburse the hotel the monetary value corresponding to the market price of the damaged object;
  • When you leave the apartment, you must remove the key card from the economizer, leaving it free to cut the energy to maintain the place secure;
  • Keep windows and water valves closed;
  • The hotel is not responsible for any object forgotten or lost in the common areas, being the sole responsibility of the guest. The objects found will be kept for 30 days and after this period will be donated to charities and/or discarded;
  • Hanging clothes or objects on the balconies or windows of the apartments is not allowed;
  • Unregistered visits will only be allowed in the reception lobby on the ground floor;
  • We kindly ask you to respect quiet hours, which starts at 10 p.m.;
  • Entering the common areas of the hotel in a swimsuit or shirtless is not allowed.