Business accommodations

Rooms with complete workstations

Strategic and prime locations for easy travel

Special offers for companies

Hotel 10 works with various bundle possibilities, with personalized prices, according to the needs of your company. Here, you have a direct communication channel with our chain, ensuring agility in meeting your accommodation demands.

Schedule a conversation with our experts to learn more about Hotel 10 and consider the best proposal to suit your business.

Why choose Hotel 10?

For those who need to travel for work, nothing better than having a support infrastructure and save company resources as well. That’s why Hotel 10 offers an ideal environment for you to perform your activities smoothly and ensures an affordable and competitive price.


  • Custom proposal

    Pay for accommodation according to the real needs of your company, with flexibility and availability for your demand.

  • No extra costs

    Accommodation with no surprises at check-out time. At Hotel 10, you get complimentary breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi.

  • Rooms

    Choose rooms with two beds to accommodate more people or rooms that have a large work station.

  • Noise-resistant windows and air-conditioned environment

    For both work and rest, quality and comfort that makes all the difference.

  • Location

    The hotels in the chain are always well located, facilitating access for business anywhere in the region.

  • Executive room and auditorium:

    At the Aparecida de Goiânia, Blumenau and Ponta Grossa units, there is a meeting space for up to eight people. In Dourados, Palmas and São Leopoldo, Hotel 10 has an auditorium, ideal for training and corporate events. To check availability, simply consult reception.

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